FEM Uganda project: Health
FEM Northern Uganda supports healthcare services among the displaced families and community through empowerment of communities and families on how to prevent and manage health risks.
Rural people bear the greatest burden of disease mainly because rural people bear the greatest burden of poverty. The HIV/AIDS epidemic has clearly become a health problem among displaced families we realize it is also a development problem that threatens human welfare, socio-economic advances, productivity and social cohesion. FEM Northern Uganda is working to roll back this spread of this epidemic right from the grass roots through sensitizations and working with families to address social and cultural practices that hinder good health.
Success Story
The nearest hospital is 40km away and at most times the hospital lacks the most basic medicine. Family empowerment provides healthcare services to over 200 war displaced families. Our nurses make family visits and treat common disease like malaria, diarrhea, skin infections, Bilharzias etc Since we started providing this health care services the families visited have reported an improvement in their health. The need for medicine is still great many children die of diseases they should not die of in villages in Uganda.

Health care.
Working closely with the local community we provide health care for the worlds most vulnerable people.