FEM Uganda project: Evangelism

In the presence of so much darkness, death and despair, the light and hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings restoration to families that once suffered brutally due to the LRA insurgency in northern Uganda. Weekly prayer meetings and fellowship brings hope to families, women groups and children.
Campfire and film nights offers the youth opportunity to learn from elders and leaders. The campfire environment inspires maximum participation, promotes personal growth, and supports and molds effective young leadership. By the use of a projector we show films that have had a positive impact in the lives of the people. Many people have made the most important decision of their lives by giving their lives to Jesus Christ after watching the films. The films have also been an important tool that has helped us relay health teaching on killer diseases such as HIV/AIDS and malaria. Family empowerment northern Uganda is committed to helping individuals and communities become informed.
Success story:
What started as a fellowship of seven believers who would meet weekly to pray together for their families in the north has grown to over 200 committed believers encouraging one another in prayer and songs of praise and worship. Surely the spirit of heaviness that weighed down the people as a result of their long suffering and pain is being replaced by the garments of praise. Many lives have been transformed as important life decisions have been made such as abandoning witchcraft, alcoholism etc.

Our mission is biblical, winning souls and making disciples. Weekly bible studies, discussion groups, counseling and prayer provide the much needed oportunity for the body of Christ to be strengthened and to hear from God. Special meetings for groups such as youth, women & men are also held.