FEM-Uganda Project: Agriculture and Natural Resources
FEM Northern Uganda works with war displaced families to improve their lives through sustainable crop and animal husbandry, for increased incomes, responsible use of natural resources and community empowerment.
Over 90% of the rural populations in Uganda derive livelihood from agriculture, FEM Northern Uganda established Canaan Farm as a growing concern in assisting displaced families and communities to improve on food security, productivity, nutrition, health and incomes of rural families through promoting best practices in sustainable agriculture.
At Canaan farm we teach skills and provide resources that make farming more efficient, while protecting the land and water. This enables families to grow more food and frees time for other activities. Our agriculture extension agents ensures valuable services are provided in the areas of crop and animal husbandry, pest and disease control, use of appropriate technologies and marketing the goods.
Success Story:
Alice and Owona both single mothers whose husbands where abducted and brutally killed by the LRA during the conflict in northern Uganda, have been empowered by Canaan farm and with support through training, provision of farming tools and seeds these ladies can now provide nutritious fresh vegetables, school fees and basic support for the orphans under their care.

Catching farm raised fish

Children with farm raised goats.
Oxen plowing the fields at the farm.
Oxen in the fields.